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Leadership Training

Leadership Training 

Millennium offers a variety of materials to its employees to ensure their ability to grow professionally while continuing their employment. Through the combined use of Millenniums professional development courses and credentials system, employees are able to gain a broad depth of knowledge not only necessary for success as a Millennium leader, but as a customer, industry, and Millennium representative.

LeadershipCoupled with the Career Path Program, employees are able to analyze their current professional position, map their professional goals, and then to work towards achieving them through the use of internal resources and programs such as educational assistance. Millennium is employee focused--catering to the needs of the individual while charting the future course for the company.

Millennium remains committed to the fundamental tenets that have been responsible for our proven track record of success — ethics, superb customer service, employees having a real stake in their company, technology, and technical expertise.

We are committed to harnessing our employees’ leadership potential at all levels of the organization to continue to meet these objectives in support of our success. The Millennium executive management team recognizes the talent that our diverse employee population represents and supports thought leadership throughout the organization. Our management strategy that encourages participation of employees in the both strategic planning and tactical execution provides significant enhanced value to customers and employees alike.

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