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Q: What are the current job openings Millennium Engineering and Integration?

A: We constantly grow our business and operate in a dynamic environment. Our career opportunities change frequently. Visit our "Current Career Opportunities" section of our website to view current jobs by location.

Q: What do I do if I’m interested in applying for a current job opening?

A: Visit our "Current Career Opportunities" section of our website.

Q: If I do not have a resume, may I fill out an application?

A: We suggest you develop your resume first. A resume is an important document that introduces you to our hiring managers. We are required to keep resumes for each job opening, but more importantly, if you have not developed a resume, it provides a negative impression.

Q: May I send my resume by fax or mail?

A: Of course! But…we strongly prefer and encourage that you deliver your resume via the Job Openings page since this will expedite the review process. If that is not an option, visit "Our Locations" page for addresses and fax numbers.

Q: May I submit multiple versions of my resume?

A: Absolutely! Especially if you feel you are qualified for different positions. We encourage you to submit your resumes for all the job openings that you feel you are qualified for and for which you have an interest.

Q: If I am interested in more than one job opening, do I need to apply for each one separately?

A: That would be our preference and to your benefit.

Q: If a position requires a clearance, do I need the clearance to start the position?

A: It depends on the specific job requirements. Some job openings will require a clearance on Day 1, in which case we will facilitate the transfer of your current clearance. If the job requirements allow for you to "apply" for a clearance, we will assist you with the application process. Each position posted will indicate if a clearance is required, and the level of clearance necessary for the position.

Q: Will my resume be considered exclusively for the job I apply for?

A: Our hiring managers are aware of the openings throughout the company and they may share your resume with other hiring managers as appropriate. So, your resume may be considered for multiple positions simultaneously. We suggest, however, if you are interested in multiple jobs, go ahead and apply for each one separately.

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