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Career Planning

Career Planning 

Millennium has defined each role within our organization and developed resources for employees to understand the level of skill and experience needed to achieve any position in the organization. Using these resources as a guide, employees are able to match career aspirations with internal guidance and develop career plans, which include opportunities to acquire additional training and education with support of company tools and resources.

Career Planning 2In an environment of employee empowerment, we help our employees chart their own course with our Career Planning Program. Employees are given the opportunity, at least annually, to sit with their manager and talk about their career goals and aspirations. Training is available that walks our employees through the career planning process and shows them how to take maximum advantage of the tools and resources available. They can review current positions and career paths available within Millennium, discover career opportunities, discuss the potential for advancement, and map the most achievable path towards their desired goals.

Employees are able to establish career path goals and identify associated action items to achieve them, including training and furthering their education. The Career Planning Program allows employees the chance to communicate with management about where they would like to go within Millennium, and how they might achieve their objectives. Employees are able to voice their interests in areas they would like to consider for personal and professional growth.

At Millennium Engineering and Integration Company, employees document their skills and abilities and are aware of the steps necessary to achieve their individual definition of success. In doing so, they have the unwavering support of their managers, which enhances our culture of empowerment and encourages professional growth and new possibilities.

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