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UAS Solutions

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Millennium is solving many of the most challenging technical obstacles in the UAV industry including integrating UAVs into the Federal Air Space, developing sense and avoid software coupled with autonomous flight safety, developing solutions for persistent maritime and ground surveillance, and developing GPS-Free 3-D tunnel mapping systems.  We provide UAS solutions to the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, DARPA, and other government agencies, as well as universities including University of Maryland.  Millennium has been helping the US government protect the public during space launches since 1996 with our proven mission planning and safety solutions. As space flight and UAV integration into the airspace increases on a daily basis, Millennium will continue to protect the public and provide valuable data to our domestic and our international partners using our system mission planning, mission simulation, flight mission data generation and real-time onboard mission monitoring autonomous flight safety units.

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