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Software Design and Simulation


Millennium has a cadre of software development engineers developing, integrating, testing, and verifying a variety of high-end software projects for its NASA and defense partners, including spacecraft flight software, satellite payload operations software, multi-sensor data fusion software, range safety software and intelligence data exploitation and dissemination software. Millennium’s dedicated team of software development experts focus on leading edge, model-based software development and highly efficient and rapid range safety software for our customers. As the lead developers of multiple software tools in use today by NASA and DoD, including JARSS, SHARP, ESL, MIDCON, eCAMTM, and SMARTTM, we are a proven software development company. Millennium software and modeling experts also develop advanced modeling and simulation tools ranging from simple 3-degree-of-freedom trajectory analysis tools to extremely detailed 6-degree-of-freedom models for analysis of spacecraft operations, spacecraft design and performance, missile defense systems, launch vehicle design and performance. Millennium modeling and software development expertise encompasses orbit analysis, guidance systems, sensor systems, spacecraft dynamic models, satellite architectures, airborne flight paths, small-boat target scene generation, launch vehicle debris analysis, overhead sensor fusion, and missile trajectory analysis.


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