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Safety, Reliability, Quality and Mission Assurance


Millennium's safety, reliability, and quality assurance team is focused on identifying and mitgating hazards and failure modes.  Our approach is in practice within several Government agencies and  Centers, including NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), Johnson Space Center (JSC), Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL),  the Missile Defense Agency and the Air Force.  As a partner with NASA’s KSC Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate, Millennium manages quality, safety and mission assurance for all KSC integration and launch Assurancepreparation activities that occur at KSC and related sites. KSC is NASA’s premier launch site and the only US approved human launch site, which requires unique performance capabilities of Millennium that act as competitive discriminators. Additionally, Millennium provides support to agency wide programs that are led by KSC such as metrology and calibration, range safety, independent assessment, and software assurance.  Millennium served as a subcontractor at GSFC on the Mission Assurance Services contract where we provided system safety, reliability engineering, and mission assurance/software assurance expertise on GSFC projects such as GOES, James Webb Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope, and others programs of national Importance.  Millennium is a subcontractor at NASA’s JSC providing software assurance support for NASA’s Constellation Program.   We also support the JPL as a subcontractor on the Reliability Engineering Support Services Contract.   Millennium provides flight and range safety using Joint Advanced Range Safety System (JARSS) for the 45th and 30th Space Wings, the Federal Aviation Administration, and NASA at Wallops Flight Facility and Edwards Air Force Base/Dryden Flight Research Facility. Millennium’s Joint Advanced Range Safety System (JARSS) tool provides real time flight safety analysis by applying unique mathematic methods to analyze potential debris, hazards associated with both endo- and exo-atmospheric vehicles. Furthermore, Millennium supports MDA’s quality, safety and mission assurance programs and director by developing the policies, requirements, processes and procedures for MDA’s end to end mission assurance; conducting gap analysis, independent quality assurance reviews, studies, assessments, audits and analyses. The Company provides the naval surface weapons systems with recommendations for system safety, occupational safety and health, and environmental protection, including Environmental Assessments (EAs), environmental impact statement, Overseas Environmental Assessments (OEAs), Programmatic Environmental Safety and Health Evaluations (PESHEs), Weapon System Explosive Safety Review Board (WSESRB) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Millennium recently used its mission assurance past performance and won a Counter Narco Terrorism Program Office (CNTPO) contract to supply Delivery Assurance, ensuring the product developed and paid for was delivered as required. Based on Millennium’s experience on large-scale safety and mission assurance with NASA and DoD, Millennium is strategically positioned to capture additional safety and mission assurance work throughout the NASA, MDA and DOD communities.

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