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Mechanical Engineering and Analysis


BayMillennium is one of the nation’s premiere mechanical engineering and analysis contractors providing the government with technical expertise during the design, development, and test of all classes of spacecraft from small-sats to large scale NASA/NOAA weather satellites. Millennium has over 15 years expertise in end-to-end mechanical engineering and analysis for NASA and DoD space vehicles, including payloads, instruments, buses, and fully integrated spacecraft. We deliver expertise in a variety of mechanical engineering disciplines including:
  •  Mechanical Engineering Millennium provides NASA and the DoD with spacecraft and spacecraft mechanical engineering expertise including the use of NASTRAN, PRO-E, FEMAP among similar tools to conduct and evaluate complete system and component level mechanical designs and plans. We deliver lead mechanical engineers for a number of NASA and DoD spacecraft.
  •  Mechanical System and Analysis Millennium performs integrated mechanical analysis, structural analysis, 3D graphical simulations, and thermal modeling and analysis for multiple spacecraft using THERMAL DESKTOP, FEMAP, NASTRAN, STK among other analytical tools. We develop rapidly adaptable models, perform finite element modeling, coupled loads analysis, Structural, Thermal, Optical (STOP) analyses, spacecraft bus mission level analyses, power analyses, downlink and ground communication analysis.
  • Thermal Engineering Millennium provides NASA and the DoD with spacecraft and spacecraft component thermal engineering expertise including analysis of instrument and spacecraft vendor thermal models  using Thermal Desktop, Synda,  Trasys tools. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of thermal analysis functions including STOP analyses, thermal balance, thermal cycling, thermal design reviews, thermal material section, thermal plans and procedures, and thermal subsystem design and analysis.
  •  Contamination Engineering and Analysis Millennium provides NASA and the DoD with spacecraft and spacecraft instrument contamination experts who helped developed NASA’s MASTRAN contamination model. Our experts perform particulate transport analyses, frangibolt tests, MOMA contamination analyses, arject plume affects analyses, spacecraft processing facility cleanliness analyses.
  • Materials Engineering and Analysis Millennium provides NASA and the DoD with end-to-end materials engineering and materialsSM assurance expertise from requirements development thru mission operations. Our ASNT, ESD, and soldering certified personnel are instrumental in all levels of materials engineering from analyses to operating in sophisticated materials testing laboratories.
  •  Electro-Mechanical Systems Millennium engineers provide NASA and the DoD with expertise in electromechanical systems including supporting design and development of sophisticated spacecraft devices that rely on precision movement and motion.
  •  Environmental Test Engineering and Integration Millennium provides NASA and the DoD with spacecraft environmental test and integration engineers and analysts with expertise in the planning, execution, and reporting on spacecraft environmental tests including vibration, shock, acoustic, thermal.
Millennium provides mechanical engineering expertise on many spacecraft and Instruments Including:


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