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Launch Systems and Ranges

Launch SysMillennium provides the software, hardware and personnel to manage flight and range safety for NASA, the 45th and 30th Space Wings,  the Federal Aviation Administration. NASA and the Air Force utilize Joint Advanced Range Safety System (JARSS), a system developed, and maintained by Millennium, for flight plan approval for all launch vehicles and real-time range safety for high performance vehicles (HPVs), orbital re-entry vehicles, and Unmanned Aeronautical Vehicles (UAVs) operating in the national airspace outside of the traditional containment boundaries of the Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB). Millennium’s highly qualified engineers perform launch operations support by evaluating debris, toxic, radiation, explosion, and acoustic hazards associated with launch vehicle operations. The experts recommend and develop range safety criteria and launch vehicle abort logic, and develop requirements used to generate mathematical models, algorithms, and computer programs for evaluation of instantaneous impact predication, break-up catalogs of aborted vehicles, drag corrected debris impact prediction to assess risk to life and property during vehicle flight using probabllistic debris hazard estimation. Millennium performs assessments of government and public agency risk acceptance criteria and their application to missile and space booster launch operations. Millennium’s experts perform launch risk analyses and special risk studies, and investigate, recommend, and develop improvements to human vulnerability models.

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