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Millennium has broad experience vertically and horizontally integrating large scale systems, including the integration of components and subsystems into a vertical system and horizontal integration in terms of agencies and partners that provide a larger capability.  Millennium engineers integrate component, and spacecraft subsystems to system level acceptance tests, range and launch vehicle integration and check-out of a spacecraft prior to launch on such programs as NASA’s GOES, LADEE, MMS, MAVEN and the DoD’s MSTI 1-3, ORS 2-4, TACSAT-2, XSS-10, NFIRE. Millennium provides expertise in all levels of spacecraft integration and test, environmental testing such as shock, vibration, thermal, payload to bus integration, spacecraft-to-launch vehicle integration. Our expertise includes development and operations of engineering test units as well as development and integration of payload software and ground system integration. Our engineers and analysts develop and operate highly sophisticated spacecraft integration and test facilities including clean rooms, high bays, calibration chambers, environmental test chambers, bonded storage and hardware receiving facilities.
Millennium conducts end-to-end test and evaluation of satellite, missiles, launch vehicles, sensors, and combat weapon systems. Millennium leads the assembly, integration, and test of a joint NASA/Air Force effort focused on development of several highly sophisticated satellites with different mission payloads including synthetic aperture radar, protected wideband communication, missile warning, tactical electronic warfare, narrowband communication, space situational awareness, hyper spectral imagery, and terrestrial weather. Millennium test engineers are directly involved with the planning, execution, analysis, and reporting of live-fire testing of our nation’s missile defense systems and DoD shipboard, air, and ground combat systems.


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