Shaping the Future of Technology

Design and Rapid Prototyping


Millennium maintains a staff of highly experienced mechanical, electrical and software design engineers who use the latest computer aided design, modeling, simulation and analysis tools for software and hardware design and development and rapid prototyping for its NASA and Defense customers. Millennium’s offerings encompass both the development of products and the delivery of design and development services for its customer’s initiatives. Products developed include MIDCON, JARSS, SHARP, eCAM, READS, SANDE, MAEWS and SMART and are detailed in the applied technology section below. Some examples of the initiatives served include  NASA’s Thermal InfraRed Sensor Calibration Facility, ARES I Upper Stage engine, SM-3 and its integration with Aegis, and MDA’s Model Based Software Development programs. The company performs modeling and analysis, engineering development and prototypes, and design analysis for pre-production and production. The Company’s subject matter experts recommend new initiatives, new technologies and best practices to incorporate new engineering developments into ship and weapon systems, providing technical support for evolving science and advanced technology development projects.
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