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Command, Control, Communications


Millennium delivers command, control, and spacecraft ground communication expertise to NASA and the DoD throughout the development, test, and integration of strategic, theater, and spacecraft communication networks for our warfighter and spacecraft development programs. With expertise in major communication networks such as AFSCN, Link 16, JWICS, TDRSS, and Near Earth Network, Millennium communications experts have hands-on expertise in the design and use of communication ground systems, including maintaining and operating a suite of UHFSATCOM radios and related communication equipment for communication with satellite, airborne, ground, and seaborne sensors.

  • We developed and operate command and control centers used in applications ranging from testing anti-satellite weapon systems to controlling tests on the emerging Ballistic Missile Defense System.

  • Our communications specialists design systems that reduce costs yet deliver the reaction speed and provide the reliability, survivability, endurability, and interoperability necessary for each application.

  • Millennium Developed the Multi-Sensor Fusion Engine (MSFE)
    • Generates a Fused State Vector for Instrumentation Cueing from Multiple Sources (IR, Radar, Metric, Telemetry)
      • Ground Based Radars and Optical Platforms
      • Airborne Optical Assets (WASP, HALO, AIRBOSS)
    • Contains Communications, Advanced Algorithms, and BMDS Interoperability
    • Validated in 200 Live Fire Test Missions over Past 10 Years
  • Millennium Developed and Operates the Missile Defense Connectivity Center (MIDCON)
    • Receive Aegis Weapons System Link-16 (J3.6) on Live Fire Events
    • Generate Covariance Request (J7.1) for transmission to Aegis CG/DDG
    • Support Aegis Crew Training
    • Support Aegis BMDS software certifications
    • Provide Situational Awareness to SPAWAR Interoperability Crews
    • SM-3 Test And Evaluation (CIL in Tucson, AZ; HIL in Moorestown, NJ)
    • Ground and Airborne Instrumentation Cueing
  • Millennium Provides Mission Planning, Real-time Test Communications, and Post-mission Analysis for Live Fire Tests
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